Those who braved the distance, traffic and even some “weather” (it rained a bit) had a great meeting at the newly renovated Holiday Inn Carlsbad.

A Professional Development session was held from 9:00am – 10:00am and featured discussions on Contracts, Liability, & Copywriters presented by Paul J Mirowski of and Leslie Burns, Esq. of

Attendees got to mingle and network in the new ceremony lawn of the venue, and then enjoyed lunch inside the ballroom. The common phrase heard during the meeting was “This is a Holiday Inn?” as it was evident that they are changing their look, feel and overall brand. The venue was very nice. The formal program included an “Open Vendor Discussion” as we discussed the industry in general, including questions, concerns, business ethics, and customer service for clients and beyond.


Thank you to these vendors for donating their time, services, equipment and/or generosity:

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