A Better Business in 2016

With 2015 winding down and 2016 fast approaching, you know you need to spend quality time working ON your business, not just IN your business. Whether you are looking to make small or big changes to your business, we can all agree that elevating your business to the next level takes focused time and effort. This means stepping away from your daily tasks, putting down the equipment, and attending something other than just networking events.

Join your wedding industry colleagues for the following hands-on interactive workshops led by Bethel Nathan and leave with actionable items that you can implement immediately.
e with actionable items that you can implement immediately.

Workshop Schedule


Workshop Descriptions

Thursday 11/05/15 – Marketing: Finding Your Right Mix

Businesses only have a finite number of dollars and hours to be spent on marketing. What are your options for marketing in the wedding industry, and how to decide what fits best for you.

  • The potential marketing mix includes online, print, social media, shows and events, and networking. We will discuss the pros and cons (and costs) of each.
  • Messaging to attract your ideal couple, and how to be true to yourself
  • Tracking your marketing and your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • And much more!

Wednesday 11/18/15 – Systems and Apps for Your Business and Your Life

Technology was supposed to make our lives smoother and easier, and yet it many instances it seems to have done the opposite! Let’s talk systems and apps that you can implement in your business, and your life, to save time and effort.

  • Business Management and/or Client Management Software: What is it and why will it make a difference for you?
  • Social Media Management: Tools and tricks for less time, higher engagement, and stronger relationships.
  • Efficiency and Time Management Apps: Finding the tools and methods that work best for you. And, yes, we’ll even talk old-school paper methods which are, in some instances, still relevant.
  • And much more!

Thursday 12/10/15 – Marriage Equality / Couple Equality: The Modern Couple

With marriage equality the reality in California for over two years now, and with more straight couples being egalitarian in their relationship and in their wedding planning, it’s time to talk about The Modern Couple overall, rather than gay vs. straight weddings. Let’s focus on the tools and the understanding a business owner or employee needs in order to show that their business is welcoming, supportive, and experienced for The Modern Couple.

  • What is The Modern Couple? Understanding how modern couples (including same-sex couples) are not a one-size-fits-all market segment, and talking about assumptions you might currently be making.
  • Attracting The Modern Couple: How to make your marketing and online presence show that your business is welcoming and supportive.
  • Servicing The Modern Couple: How to avoid all sorts of assumptions, how to help couples to understand all of their options, and how to avoid being and appearing hetero-normative in your dealings with all couples – from first impression through your entire wedding or event workflow.
  • And much more!

Wednesday 01/06/16 – Business Decision Making

As business owners (or senior managers), we make decisions for our business every day – some big and some small – and yet, they all have ramifications. Let’s talk about the typical decisions we need to make in wedding industry businesses and how to approach them. As part of workshop, we will discuss factors such as analyzing the cost and the ramifications of a decision.

  • How do you make decisions for your business?
  • Understanding your sales funnel and closure rate and the impact of both when making decisions?
  • Full-time vs. part-time business: what is right for you right now?
  • Help in your business? On your own vs. virtual assistance vs. employees?
  • And much more!

Thursday 01/28/16 – Keep Your Friends Close and Your “Competitors” Closer: Working with your competitors to grow your business

Many companies, big and small, approach their competitors as the enemy. In fact, a relationship with your competitors can be a revenue generation tool, your biggest referral source, a useful and relevant sounding board, and the best kind of help when you need it.

  • Transforming the competitive relationship into a collaborative one.
  • Identifying your direct competitors vs indirect ones.
  • How to initiate a relationship and how to make that relationship beneficial for both of you.
  • Understanding what makes you and your business different from your competitor.
  • And much more!

For more information visit Bethel’s site http://elevatebybethel.com/workshops/
If you have questions, please contact Bethel Nathan at bethel@elevatebybethel.com or by phone at 619-302-3035.