The Balancing Act

How to Achieve Your Dream Without Burning Out

AdamTimmJoin us at Monello, in the heart of downtown Little Italy, for our September meeting and luncheon! We will enjoy networking, an informative program presented by Adam Timm, and a delicious lunch at this fabulous restaurant.

You don’t want to miss the presentation or the food!

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Program Description

When you’re working one of the most stressful jobs in the world, it can be hard to balance the demands of work against the rest of life. Demanding clients, an endless flow of projects, and so many hats to wear make working 24 hours a day feel like the only option. But you know what they say about all work no play, don’t you?

Making time for more than work doesn’t take heroic effort or more hours in the day. But it does require a subtle shift in focus that this presentation provides.

In this interactive talk, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 tool for creating some “Me” time, right now
  • Why “work-life balance” doesn’t actually exist
  • How to make the radical shift from reactive living to proactive power
  • The most important thing to remember when looking at your schedule each week

Event Details


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About the Speaker

smalllogoAdam is a keynote speaker, trainer, and Chief Freedom Agent for ZenLife Services. ZenLife is an Operational Fitness firm. They create productivity programs that eliminate stress and optimize performance in the workplace. They achieve this goal in a fiscally responsible and social engaging way.

Venue: Monello

Monello, an endearing Italian reference to a “naughty little boy”, was created by the same family known for San Diego’s “best Italian restaurant”: Bencotto Italian Kitchen. The “100 percent honest Italian” menu celebrates Northern Italian street foods and Milan’s glamorous aperitivo culture featuring expertly-crafted cocktails and complimentary “tastes from the cook.”

Monello 1