Wedding Industry Beware!

They’re Back!  It’s been a while but I just received a familiar email that some of you may have seen before.  They vary from version to version but usually resemble something like this; a client from out of the U.S. wanting to plan a wedding and asking you to handle all the details including paying the vendors with the money they will send you.

Unfortunately many wedding industry members have fallen for this scam in the past and we’d like to help you avoid this problem.  Here’s how it works.  Someone sends you an email they were able to find via your website.  The email starts out by telling you how much either the Bride or Groom has always wanted to get married in our country.  Then they go on to say things that make you feel like you already have the job.  Next is the large sum of money they have to work with and a small guest list for it to cover.  He or she will then tell you they are currently in a foreign country and they will not be arriving in the U.S. until about 1 week before the wedding day.  They give you all of the things their budget needs to cover and that you need to get back to them with an estimate as soon as possible so they can make a deposit payment to you via credit card or bank account so you can get started with the planning process.    The next step is for you to deposit the payment into your account and begin making arrangements with your vendors and from there it can unfold in many ways ranging from the client asking you to hire a specific 3rd party vendor (who is also in on the scam) to them gaining access to your banking information via one of the arranged payments.   Once they have your account information you should contact your bank immediately to take further action.

Don’t Get Stuck…Be Smart and Question anything that looks too good to be true.

Geneene Thornton
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