Darren & Denise’s Wedding Day…

Their wedding day was the magic date 10/10/2010. The wedding was held at the iconic US Grant Hotel.  This beautiful hotel holds a lot of history, tradition and elegance. The ceremony took place at the Crystal Ballroom. Unveiled in 1927 as the Italianate Ballroom, the Crystal Ballroom’s private socialite salon was built to complement the hotel’s original Grand Ballroom. Today restored to its original splendor, the venue boasts a travertine floor, embellished European plasterwork, and a hand-painted ceiling.  Before the ceremony began, Darren was a little nervous but very happy and exited.  Meanwhile Denise was celebrating with family and friends with champagne.  Denise’s upbeat, outgoing and hilarious personality shined in every detail of their wedding.

The reception took place at the gorgeous Celestial Ballroom. Distinguished as the heart and soul of the hotel, the 6,000-square-foot Celestial Ballroom embodies the iconic hotel.  The sophisticated ribs of the vaulted ceiling are hand painted and lacquered in subtle shades of metallic blue and supported by grand columns intricately restored to reveal the detailed woodwork of the room’s 1930s heyday.

Congratulations to Darren and Denise!  We wish you a life filled with happiness and love.

The photography was done by: Emilio Azevedo Photography